Search Engine OptimizationSearch Engine Optimization – a phrase used by thousands of marketers and web designers, but what does it mean to you?  Having your website appear in Google?  Attracting more people to your site?  Generating more leads and sales?  Identifying your competitors and how your website ranks against them?

At Digital Caffeine we cut through the confusion to bring focus to your online marketing.  Simply put, our comprehensive search management services are designed to improve your search rankings and attract visitors that convert into leads and sales.

Find Your Marketing Focus

Naturally you want to attract more visitors, but more importantly you need to attract the right people to your website.  People that are engaged and interested in the specific products and services you offer, and are more likely to complete an action or make a purchase.  Our keyword research process helps define your website focus by:

  • Gather phrases that are relevant, important and make sense for your business
  • Research variations that provide additional value and compliment your niche
  • Evaluate the competition to set realistic expectations and identify opportunities

We then provide a set of well-defined, focused keywords for website optimization that will provide the best return for your search marketing efforts.

Search Engine Optimization

You’ve built a beautiful website complete with great content, multimedia and SEO.  But is the website performing like you expected?  Are you monitoring your website and reviewing reports to know what is working and what is not?

Our audit identifies these problems and more, resulting in a detailed report showing our findings and recommended action items to improve the usability and search ranking potential of your website.  Click here to learn more about our SEO website audits.

Build For Visitors, Optimize For Search

SEO Optimize for Google Search

Content of the highest quality is critical to search marketing success, and even more when trying to improve your search rankings.  Your content needs to be descriptive, relevant and written in a natural or “human” way that is meaningful for your visitors and for search.  We can guide you through content building with focus on your marketing needs.

In addition we address important areas of your website including:

  • Website hierarchy, navigation and structure
  • Page title and description meta tags
  • Content headers and supporting page content
  • Multimedia, social media integration and more

In-Depth Reporting Insights

It is important that you clearly understand what is happening with your search marketing investment and your website.  We provide regular reporting to show how your marketing efforts are performing, and our insights to explain what the data means to you.  We help explain things like:

  • Visitors – increase or decrease in visitors, any new trends or interesting events
  • Conversions – how well are your forms and sales leads performing
  • Rankings – how well is your website ranking in search, any changes
  • Website – is your website performing properly, any problems identified that might cause visitor drop-off

This information is provided in an intuitive user-friendly format, plus we meet and discuss with you regularly so you fully understand how things are working.

Evaluate And Refine

Can search optimization work for you?  Our dedicated SEO specialists work hard to deliver measurable results, and provide the measurements to prove it.  Digital Caffeine’s SEO services include search rankings monitoring and reporting to provide actionable intelligence needed to refine and concentrate our search marketing efforts.  Evaluate, adjust and optimize.

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